Freon™ Refrigerants for Bus and Rail Air Conditioning

Maintain a Comfortable and Healthy Bus/Rail Environment with Efficient AC Refrigerants

Public transportation runs air conditioners (AC) throughout the day to maintain a comfortable environment, which makes selecting a dependable refrigerant critical. Beyond providing cooling capacity for passenger comfort, bus and rail AC run continuously to maintain lower humidity levels to prevent mold and mildew growth. In addition to meeting these needs, the ideal refrigerant must also be nonflammable to ensure passenger safety.

A Long Legacy in Bus and Rail AC

The bus and rail industry has relied almost universally on Freon™ refrigerants for consistent high performance cooling. While some antiquated systems, such as those using R-12 or R-22, have been retrofitted or replaced to use R-134a, other systems now use: 

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If you're looking for a low GWP alternative, consider the portfolio of Opteon™ refrigerants by Chemours.