Freon™ Refrigerants for Residential AC Systems

Air Conditioning Refrigerants for Comfort at Home

For decades, homeowners have depended on R-22 refrigerants in residential air conditioning (AC) systems to keep homes comfortable and cool. Now, global regulatory changes have led to a steady phaseout of R-22.

While these regulations won’t affect homeowners currently using R-22 AC systems, this market uncertainty may cause unexpected challenges when systems require servicing or charging.

Freon™ 410A refrigerant is the leading hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) option recommended to replace the function of R-22 in residential AC and heat pump systems. This refrigerant has a higher cooling capacity and significantly higher pressure than R-22; therefore, it only should be used in systems specifically designed for R-410A.

Alternative R-22 Replacements to Consider

Other refrigerants available to replace R-22 include:

Freon™ MO99 (R-438A): This refrigerant most closely matches R-22 in capacity and efficiency in most direct-expansion residential AC systems.

Freon NU-22B™ (R-422B): This refrigerant closely mimics the operating characteristics of R-22 in most residential AC systems.

Freon™ 407C (R-407C): This refrigerant can be used in new equipment and as a service refrigerant for existing R-22 equipment with an oil change.

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Long-Term Use Considerations

Regulations on the long-term use of refrigerants vary by region and application, and may change over time. For the latest information, visit the Regulations page.

If you're looking for a low GWP alternative, consider the portfolio of Opteon™ refrigerants by Chemours.