A Refrigerant Expert Tool Right in Your Pocket

Calculate Important Refrigerant Data On the Go

When you need to assess the system performance of the most commonly used fluorocarbon refrigerants available from The Chemours Company, you can download and use CRE 1.0. 

This free Chemours Refrigerant Expert (CRE) Version 1.0 software tool offers a single source for Freon™ and Opteon™ refrigerant product data and:

  • Generates custom thermodynamic and transport property data tables for specific projects or systems
  • Performs refrigeration cycle calculations at defined saturated, superheat, and sub-cool ranges/intervals
  • Takes into account compressor efficiencies, heat exchanger pressure drops, and suction line superheats

With results that closely mimic actual systems — and a quick refrigerant selection for retrofit or new system designs — CRE 1.0 enables powerful system analyses that aid in troubleshooting and diagnosing system performance.

Steps to use the CRE