Brand Assurance for Freon™ Refrigerants

Ensure Optimal Performance by Using Genuine Refrigerants

Because of their superior performance, quality, value, and excellent reputation, premium Freon™ refrigerants can be subject to imitation and counterfeiting. Knowingly or unknowingly using poor quality, imitation, or counterfeit products whose labels may be misrepresenting the actual contents in the package can lead to below-standard system performance, equipment damage, and safety concerns.

The Freon™ refrigerant brand team actively protects intellectual property pertaining to all Freon™ refrigerants through industry standard trademark protection monitoring, patent protections, and anti-counterfeit efforts.

The Global Chemours Brand Assurance Anti-Counterfeiting Program includes detailed practices that Freon™ refrigerant customers across the value chain should follow. Examples include proper use of our trademarks, notification of fraudulent products, and a number of physical safeguards on products.

Assurance Best Practices for Refrigerants

To SAFEguard against counterfeit products:

  • Select: Make sure to select a reputable Chemours refrigerants distributor for all purchases.
  • Ask: Don’t leave it up to chance; ask for a genuine Chemours refrigerant.
  • Find: Closely examine refrigerant packaging to find these key security features. All cylinders should include an Anti-Counterfeiting Security Shrink Sleeve, while disposable cylinders should also include an Izon® security label.
  • Ensure: Take a moment to ensure the authenticity of a refrigerant’s package by scanning the QR code on the Izon® label or by visiting and entering the 7-digit code found on the Izon® security label.

Quality Matters

Izon® is a registered trademark of De La Rue Authentication Solutions, Inc.