Freon™ MO59 (R-417A) Refrigerant

A Cost-Effective R-22 Retrofit Refrigerant for AC and Refrigeration

Freon™ MO59 (R-417A) refrigerant is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) retrofit alternative for R-22 in direct expansion (DX) stationary air conditioning (AC) and medium-temperature commercial refrigeration systems. Because Freon™ MO59 is compatible with mineral (MO), alkylbenzene (AB), and polyolester (POE) oils—most retrofits do not require a lubricant change. Therefore, retrofitting DX stationary AC and medium-temperature commercial refrigeration systems from R-22 takes considerably less time and investment.

Applications for Freon™ MO59 include residential and commercial AC systems and medium-temperature refrigeration units, like food service, storage and processing, and supermarket cases. For water chillers, however, Freon™ MO29 refrigerant is recommended.

Features and Benefits

As one of the earliest R-22 replacement refrigerants introduced to the market, Freon™ MO59 remains a popular, cost-effective option for various applications, including AC conversions. This nonflammable, non-ozone depleting HFC:

  • Carries an ASHRAE A1 safety classification
  • Enables continued use of existing equipment
  • Offers energy savings in some systems
  • Lowers discharge temperature and pressure vs. R-22, which can prolong the compressor life
  • Makes maintenance easier–once the retrofit is complete, the system can simply be topped off with Freon™ MO59

Regulations on the long-term use of refrigerants vary by region and application, and may change over time. For the latest information, visit the Regulations page.

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