Helpful Resources for Freon™ Refrigerants

Get the Most From Freon™ Refrigerants

To support the broad Freon™ refrigerant porfolio, The Chemours Company offers several helpful resources to ensure performance and safety.

Chemours Product Brand Assurance Program

Because of their superior performance, premium Freon™ refrigerants are sometimes subject to imitation and counterfeiting. The Global Chemours Brand Assurance Anti-Counterfeiting Program helps customers and users ensure they are getting high-quality Freon™ refrigerants with the safety and performance characteristics they have purchased.

Delivering Optimal Refrigerant Performance

Choosing the best refrigerant for a specific air conditioning or refrigeration application or system and getting optimal performance when using it can be challenging.

The Chemours Company offers several resources to make the right choice. Using these resources can help ensure peak performance, reduced wear, extended equipment lifetime, and safety. The resources include:

The Chemours Refrigerant Expert Tool

The Chemours Refrigerant Expert (CRE) Version 1.0 software tool allows users to easily and quickly generate data for Freon™ refrigerants, including:

  • Thermodynamic property data tables
  • Transport property data tables
  • Theoretical refrigeration cycle calculations with cycle properties and line sizing data

Download the tool here.

The Chemours Pressure/Temperature Calculator Mobile App

The Chemours Pressure/Temperature (P/T) calculator mobile app provides automotive service technicians and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians with handy and accurate Freon™ refrigerant data on the go, enabling quick and reliable system diagnostics. Data available in the app for each refrigerant includes:

  • Composition
  • Physical, chemical, and environmental properties
  • Temperature glide
  • Typical use applications
  • Lubricant recommendations

Download the free P/T calculator for an Apple® device.

Download the free P/T calculator for an Android™ device.