Freon™ 407C (R-407C) Refrigerant

Enhancing Performance of Residential and Commercial AC Systems with an R-22 Replacement Refrigerant

Among the options offered in the Freon™ refrigerant portfolio, Freon™ 407C (R-407C) is a high-performance blend. This alternative to R-22 in positive displacement air conditioning (AC) equipment can also:

  • Replace R-502 in new and retrofitted medium-temperature applications with evaporator temperatures above -6.7 °CC (20 °F)
  • Work in existing medium-temperature applications
  • Work in new or existing residential and commercial AC and heat pumps

Replacing R-22 with Freon™ 407C in these systems requires switching to polyolester (POE) oil. For a no-oil change R-22 replacement, see Freon™ MO99.

Features and Benefits

Freon™ 407C has been a popular R-22 replacement because of its properties, which include:

  • Similar cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and pressures as R-22 in systems
  • An ability to be topped off after a leak, multiple times, with minimal impact on system performance
  • Safety; Freon™ 407C has an ASHRAE A1 safety classification

Regulations on the long-term use of refrigerants vary by region and application, and may change over time. For the latest information, please visit the Regulations page.

Another ideal retrofit is the Opteonrefrigerant that offers comparable performance and safety characteristics to R-22, without requiring extensive changes to equipment.